T-Shirt Website for Sale

T-Shirt Website for Sale

According to research conducted by Statista, the global custom t-shirt printing market was valued at $1.16 billion in 2016. By 2025, the market is anticipated to be worth $3.1 billion. This is based on a forecast period 2016-2025.

Of the regions that are expected to contribute to the growth of this market, Asia-Pacifc is the largest as well as the fastest growing in the global custom t-shirt printing market. This is due to shifting fashion trends and fads, specifically among younger generations as well as rising disposable income from developing nations within this particular region.

Meanwhile, North American and Europe are expected to experience market growth based on an increased demand for digitally printed t-shirts. In addition, textile manufacturers in these regions are outsourcing to other countries in order to lower manufacturing costs.

Custom t-shirt printing is classified into three categories based on printing technologies.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the most conventional technique used for custom t-shirt printing and accounted for the largest revenue share of the market. Furthermore, it is anticipated to continue to lead the market during the forecast period.

Digital Printing

Another printing technology making waves in the global custom t-shirt market is digital printing. The growth of the industry is strongly influenced by the adoption of digital printing technology in recent years.

Digital printing greatly reduces production time for custom prints while also managing to produce a high-quality product. This form of printing is anticipated to be used more frequently as advancements in technology produce revolutionized inkjet heads that are capable of using a variety of inks.

Plot Printing

Plot printing is a professional form of printing that is achieved by heat pressing vinyl. There are two subsets of plot printing – flex and flock. Flex is smooth and shiny while flock is a more soft and fuzzy fabric. The plotter itself is a computer based drafting mechanism that is fitted with a blade or pen to create vector graphics.

So why are custom t-shirts increasing in popularity so suddenly?

For starters, an increase in disposable income across the globe has had a major effect on the market. With more personal money to spend on apparel, many regions are experiencing an increase in the demand for custom printed t-shirts.

In addition, advancements in technology have also contributed to the global custom t-shirt market surge. New printing abilities through computer-based programs have allowed manufacturers to produce quality t-shirts at a faster rate. Furthermore, these technological advances have also allowed a wider variety of t-shirt colors and innovative designs.

Lastly, a shift toward fashionable apparel in countries across the world has greatly impacted this market of customized t-shirts. Manufacturers are seeing an increased demand for unique and original designs, prompting a more profitable custom t-shirt market.

Custom-created items, like t-shirts, are gaining popularity as unique gift options. T-shirts can be designed with memorable quotes or colors for the receiver of the gift. Custom t-shirts are also ideal for groups and teams that require matching, custom apparel.


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